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Pistol Ranges at Fairfield Glade Sportsman Club:

Please read the SOP for rules on what can be shot at our club.  In addition, Bay specific rules are posted at every Pistol Bay


Operating Hours: Open seven days a week from 8 AM to dusk (9 AM to dusk on Sunday) 

Members Only: The pistol ranges are exclusively open for members, providing a dedicated space for shooting enthusiasts. 

Guest Policy:  Members have the limited privilege of bringing guests to the pistol ranges. Please read the SOP for limits. A nominal fee of $5.00 is applicable for each guest. Guests must complete and sign a Guest Pass (including the insurance waiver).  These are available at the Steel Range and clubhouse. If the Clubhouse is closed, please place the completed form and guest fee through the slot in the front door of the club house

Target options 

Lower Range Targets (Bays 1-8): Target stands are available on the lower range, allowing members to bring and set up their own targets according to their preferences.

Upper Pistol (Steel) Range: The upper pistol range has all steel targets and covered shooting pavilion.

Covered Shooting Pavilion: A second covered pavilion is provided next to Bay 2, ensuring comfort and convenience for shooters.

Cleanup and Consideration:

Responsible Disposal: After shooting activities, members should dispose of any used targets and other rubbish in the provided trash cans or to the dumpster located on the trap fields near trap house #3.

Club Cleanliness: Members are requested to contribute to maintaining a clean environment, ensuring a pleasant experience for everyone.

Wednesday Pistol Group:

See the calendar for information and dates 

June Pistol