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Relaxing Shooting Sports Fun!

Welcome to Fairfield Glade Sportsman Club: Celebrating a Rich Legacy

In the fall of 1987, a passionate group of local sports enthusiasts shared a common vision: to create a club where camaraderie, shared experiences, and a love for shooting sports could thrive. This vision led to the birth of Fairfield Glade Sportsman Club (FGSC).

Our Vision:

A club owned by its members, welcoming the community and beyond.
Sharing the joys of shooting sports.
Volunteer-driven to foster a sense of ownership and community spirit.


Memberships are open to the public.  We strive to keep fees as low as possible, making participation achievable for everyone.

Explore Our History:

Visit our History Page to delve into the rich timeline of our club.
Witness the evolution of FGSC from its humble beginnings to the vibrant entity it is today.

Get Involved:

At Fairfield Glade Sportsman Club, we are more than a shooting club; we are a community brought together by shared passions and a commitment to the sporting way of life.  Embrace the spirit of volunteerism and community engagement.  Join us in preserving and adding to the legacy of FGSC.

Memberships Available:

Membership fees are $130.00 for the primary member. Spouse or significant other and all children under 18 are included with no additional charge.
Annual renewal ensures uninterrupted access to member benefits.
Active 1st responders (Firefighters, Police, Sheriffs, EMTs) receive a discounted rate of $65.00 annually for a full membership.

NEW!  Upgrade your spouse/significant other to a 'Secondary Membership' for $5!  This will give your spouse/significant other their own ClubExpress account and will allow them to sign up for classes and groups on their own.  Just add your spouse/significant other to the 'Secondary Member' tab when renewing online or tell the Front Desk Volunteers when renewing in the Clubhouse.  If you do not want this upgrade, you can still add your spouse/significant other along with any children (under 18) as 'Tertiary Members' (no charge).

How to Join:

Visit the club during normal operating hours.
Fill out an application.
Pay the membership fee.
Joining is as simple as that!

Sign up conveniently on our website.

Online Membership Sign-up makes it easy for you just come into the clubhouse when it is open to receive your button and membership card:

Education Programs:

FFGSC is a Tn Certified School.  Multiple NRA classes, including the state certified Tn Enhanced Carry permit classes are available.  Members enjoy a discounted rate, but non-members are also welcome.  

Youth Program 

CCYSS - Cumberland County Youth Shooting Sports: Started in 2004, CCYSS is a team-based youth development program.  It is open to youth shooters in the local area schools.  This program instills life skills such as discipline, safety, teamwork, ethics, self-confidence, and other values while developing shooting sports skills.

Come out and join our club today.