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Fairfield Glade Sportsman Club - Historical Timeline

July 9, 1987

Preliminary meeting that founded FGSC.
Founders: Joe Puryear, Lloyd Fredrick (Club co-founders), Doug Cox (Sales Rep-Fairfield Communities Inc.), Kathy Boyer (Head of Recreation), Jack Cole (Head of Security).
July 27, 1987

Club founded with 32 people present.

Dave Clark motioned to form the club.
Club officers elected: Puryear (Pres), Cox (V Pres), Fredrick (Sec’y/Treas).
All 32 attendees joined the club.

Fall 1987

Billy Hopper widens road to club site and trap field using Dave Philippe's plans.
Members prepare club grounds.
Jan-July 1988

Winchester-Western trap machine purchased.

Trap field laid out.
Steak fries started.
Oct 1988

First trap shoot with Win-Wes machine.
Membership at 53.
Dec 1988

First wild game dinner. Dave Philippe the cook 
Aug 1989

Club membership reaches 100.
Apr-Sep 1990

Pavilion built. Grand opening on Sep 12. using Dave Philippe's plan 
Construction of pistol range and 150-yard rifle range.
Feb 1989

Cumberland Mountain Bowhunters Assn (Richard Riden) builds an 18-target archery range.

Sam Sherrill and Tony Hall form Cumberland Archery Club.

Jan 1995

Club co-founder Lloyd Fredrick passes away.
Mar 1995

Bill Anderson, Dave Philippe and Pete Brennen start searching for a new club location from the leaf dump
Membership at 150.
Feb 12, 1996

Club purchases 70 acres of land on Shorty Barnes road for $42,000.
Spring 1997

Clubhouse site layout, parking, and traps 1,2,3 started with Dave Philippe taking the lead
30’ X 40’ clubhouse completed in Fall 1997.
First informal club trap shoot on Tues, Sat, Sun afternoons.
Sep 25,1999

Pete Brennen forms the club’s first registered ATA shoot with 43 shooters.
Sep 30, 1999

First automatic trap machine installed.
Summer 1999

Pistol range (25 yd) and rifle range (175 yd) built using Dave Philippe's plan Dave was the leader in the project Billy Hoppy did the excavating .
Fall 1999

First voice release system used on traps.
Apr 25, 2000

Second auto trap machine installed.
Summer 2000

Skeet field started. Operational in Jan 2001.
Randy Savage – first club member to fire 100X100 in official ATA shoot.
Fall 2001

Trap fields 4 and 5 built. Operational in spring 2002.
Apr 2002

Membership at 286.
Dave Hohler  and Dave Philippe write the first detailed history of the club’s first 15 years.

Paul Cunningham and Dick Gerlach, along with Dave Philippe, form the first pistol program with PPC league.
Summer-Fall 2004

Mark Filley, Dave Philippe and Kim Chamberlin form a scholastic clay target program (SCTP) trap shooting team at Cumberland County High School.
May 2005

Dave Philippe establishes club website

Club tri-fold/flyer printed.
Jun 2005

CCHS wins both TN SCTP open and high school state championships.
Nov 2005

Membership at 400.
Spring 2006

Construction of two skeet fields on the North end of the property. Dave Philippe was the leader in the project 
May-Nov 2006

Warren Kaczmarek and Dave Philippe organize construction of the pistol ranges.
Jan 2007

SMHS joins CCHS to form the Cumberland County SCTP trap team.
Jan 27, 2007

Club co-founders Puryear and Fredrick receive 1st Annual Sportsman-of-the-Year award.
Mar 20, 2009

Club co-founder Joe Puryear passes away.
May 2009

Chamber of Commerce/Gateway Productions produce a 20-min film on FGSC.
Spring 2011

Doug Server pavilion built.
Spring-Fall 2011

300-yard centerfire range built. Operational in early 2012.
May 2016

Pistol and potluck started by Marjorie Philippe for couples and singles 
March 2017

Started using Club Express for online payments, emails, and calendars.

Sept 30, 2017

570 members with a yearly membership cost of $98.75.
30th Anniversary Celebration held.
Oct 2017

Constitution modified.
The bird management system installed.
Sept 2017

Rifle range extended to 500 yards Dave Philippe was the leader in the project and Pat Stone did the excavating 

Addition of a 5 stand under the direction of Richard Webb and Dave Philippe.

Sept 1, 2019

Dues increased to $100 per year.
Nov 2019

First Woman President Marjorie Philippe elected.

Sportsman of the year: Mike Donovan.
Young sportsman: Corbin Moore.

Sportsman of the year: Billy Hopper SR.
Young Sportsman of the year: Macie Gernt.

Sportsman of the year: Bob Ahrens.
Young Sportsman of the year: Alex Petty.
Citizenship award: Samuel Phillips.
May 1, 2023

Dues increased to $130; clay price now includes a 3% credit card charge.
Sportsman of the year: Doug Remling.
Young Sportsman of the year: Holden Moore.


1987-1989: Joe Puryear
1990-1991: Doug Cox
1992: Joe Puryear
1993: Bill Weaver
1994-1997: Carl Anderson
1998-2000: Pete Brennen
2001-2002: Roy Woody
2003-2006: Carl Wedlick
2006-2008: Paul Cunningham
2009-2013: Dave Hohler
2014-2016: Chuck Burgess
2017-2019: Dave Philippe
2020-2023: Marjorie Philippe
2024-Current: Perry Tillman