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Fairfield Glade Sportsman Club

650 Shorty Barnes Road, Crossville, Tennessee

Recreational Shooting at its BEST! Since 1987.....
One of the finest facilities in the Southeast

Trap/Skeet Hours:

Clubhouse is manned Thursday, Saturday & Sunday Afternoons

If you renewed or joined as a new member on line you will have to go to the Club house to get your button and membership card

Summer hours Starting in the Spring when the time changes forward 
12 noon to 6 PM

Winter Hours begin in the Fall when the time falls back 
11 AM to 5 PM


Rifle Shooting

We shoot .22 Rifles each Thursday on the lower Pistol range located on Shorty Barnes Road.

Sitting at a table, with the rifle held off hand,. We are positioned at 50 yards using the NRA A-27 target which has 4-Targets, along with 1-bullseye for sighting-in.

When the command to fire is given and the line goes "hot" each shooter may fire any number of rounds at the sighter, and then fires 10 rounds on each of the top 2 targets.

When all shooters are finished with this phase, the line is made safe and we go down and score the first two targets.

This is repeated with the 2nd two targets, at which time the match is finished.

Scores are recorded by the Range Officer.

Come out and enjoy a relaxed and rewarding shooting experience with us.

Shooting from tables means even shooters with limited mobility or physical issues can participate We will gladly tote your gear to the line

Rifle and Pistol Ranges are not open to the Public
You must be a member to use our Ranges

We Have a 300 yard Range on the North of the property.  There are informal groups which shoot most Friday's at 11 AM.  Many of these members shoot Historic military rifles, and have just as much fun swapping tales, or just having a show-and-tell of the latest and greatest gear they acquired.

We are going to set up a group called  "Friends of the Rifle Range" to help the club with maintenance of the range. There is also an endowment on this sight, at the MEMBERS tab -- DONATIONS.  Go there and you can contribute any extra dollars to help make our rifle facility even better.

We have set up berms and target facilities at

  • 25 yds
  • 50 yds
  • 100 yds
  • 200 yds
  • and 300 yards
At 180 yards, and at 300 yards we provide Steel gong targets for member enjoyment.
These will only continue to be provided if members pitch in and fund our Friends of the Rifle range.   THANKS!!