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Fairfield Glade Sportsman Club

650 Shorty Barnes Road, Crossville, Tennessee

Recreational Shooting at its BEST! Since 1987.....
One of the finest facilities in the Southeast

Trap/Skeet Hours:

Clubhouse is manned Thursday, Saturday & Sunday Afternoons Keep an eye on the Red print in the middle of the home page this is the report area that will have any closed Club house information because of Weather or lack of Volunteer Staff 

If you renewed or joined  on line you will have to go to the Club house when it is open to get your button and membership card

Club house hours are  Sat and Sun 12 noon to Closing TBD these hours are year round

Club house open hours for Thursday are 10AM-2:30 these hours are year round


We are a non-profit Trap, Skeet, Pistol, Rifle, 501c7 member club. The year 2017 marked our 30th anniversary, and we look forward to serving our 700 plus members for many years to come. We have made many changes for our members benefit in 2017. We are now into 2018 we have even more upgrades in store for members benefit. 
Our annual membership of $90 + tax  covers your family, husband, wife, it also includes children under the age of 18.  Our members enjoy discounted shooting fees, and exclusive use of our rifle and pistol ranges.

We hope you all have a Safe and Happy Holiday Bless you all 

The clubhouse will be closed Dec 23rd two days before Christmas to give our Volunteers Holiday time with their family and friends. The pistol and rifle range will still be open. 

Pay attention to the weather the Volunteers will Not be coming in when it is icy or snow or very bad weather. On the bottom of this home page there is a weather forecast . 

Thank you for renewing  your membership online, it saves you and us much time: But you will have to still come into the Clubhouse when it is open to receive your 2019 membership card and button. We look forward to seeing you.  

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Fairfield Glade
Fairfield Glade

2018 Officers :
President : Dave Philippe
Vice President : Barry Reed
Treasurer : Micheal Neal
Secretary : Marjorie Philippe
Paul Anderson
David Brenner
Dave Hohler
Curt Lege
Ty Stone
Richard Webb
Bill Wencker