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Fairfield Glade Sportsman Club

650 Shorty Barnes Road, Crossville, Tennessee

Recreational Shooting at its BEST! Since 1987.....
One of the finest facilities in the Southeast

Trap/Skeet Hours:

Clubhouse is manned Thursday, Saturday & Sunday Afternoons

If you renewed or joined as a new member on line you will have to go to the Club house to get your button and membership card

Summer hours Starting in the Spring when the time changes forward 
12 noon to 6 PM

Winter Hours begin in the Fall when the time falls back 
11 AM to 5 PM


Skeet Shooting

There are two skeet fields for use at the Club and there is ample parking close to the action. A pavilion with bench seating serves both fields and affords shooters a place to rest and talk between rounds as well as providing observers a place to view the sport. The hours of operation are the same as the Club hours.

Shooting Rules are posted and strict adherence is a "must". Shooters are required to sign in at the Clubhouse before shooting. Also, shooters are asked to pick up their spent shells and to load the machines when finished.

Please wear your club button where we can see it

Lessons are offered free of charge to new shooters by club members.

Skeet Ranges 5&6 Now in Use!!